Personal Information

Ross is a British PGA class AA Professional who joined the Golf Academy Borneo after spending 2 years coaching at the Cranfield Golf Academy in London, England and previously 8 years coaching in his homeland at Inverness Golf Club and Loch Ness Golf Club in Scotland, The Home of Golf.


As well as learning passionately about the technical side of the game of golf for nearly 20 years Ross has the experience of playing the game at a high level as a top amateur and Professional. His experiences of playing at the this level will help you with all aspects of your game including course management and mental strength whilst under his tuition.

Ross enjoys coaching players of all levels, individually or in groups. One of the groups he previously coached was the Northern Counties Golf Team (Northern Scotland) and he has since passed on his experience to mentor other coaches who were under his guidance.

Ross is passionate about doing whatever is required to help you reach your goals which will be set as you begin your improvement with him. He will carefully set out a plan for your coaching based on your current level and personal schedule to include swing, short game, course management and mental game as well how to practice in your own time most efficiently.

You will be provided with notes and videos from coaching sessions as needed and receive regular contact and check ups to ensure your golf game keeps on improving and you reach your goal.


Member of The British PGA

Please contact Ross on with any questions about our packages and improving your golf.